All classes are $15, minimum 5 participants to go

Musette: Headdress for Less

11:30am-12:30pm, Uptown Underground Starlight Lounge

Fashion a fabulous “Topper” for yer dream Showgirl-show-stopper on a limited budget with things a true magpie can find around about town without a paid costumer or working sewing machine! Musette will walk you through her personal construction of her current headdresses during this class showcasing a magpie's ability for innovation due to limitation using shape and texture to create piece that impacts the audience more than your pocket book. Let your inner “show-bo” shine with a bit of wire, hot glue, and the unexpected.
What to bring:
• note pad + pencil/pen
• notes on current concepts you hope to execute
• any sketches / online reference print outs or in a photo album on your phone

Musette is a visual artist and can sketch for any ideas you may have in some one on one time after addressing the whole class.


Fireside Chat with Living Legend, Bic Carrol:

Chicago Burlesque 1950-1970

1pm-2:30pm, Uptown Underground Starlight Lounge


FREE EVENT! A history of Chicago Burlesque from a man who lived it! Join Living Legend, Bic Carrol, for a fireside chat about burlesque, vaudeville, and variety in the Windy City during the 50s, 60s & 70s. Bic will be leading a discussion about his favorite (and not so favorite) venues, producers, and performers. Q&A session will follow. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about our history from one of the greats!


Red Rum: Getting the BLOOD Flowing!

Creating simple blood & gore effects for stage.

2:45pm-3:45pm, Uptown Underground Starlight Lounge

Fake blood is one of live theatre's greatest challenges and also one of the most compelling effects! Whether it needs to be consumed, easy to clean, alien looking or hyper-realistic, learn methods of different home brewed blood and gore and how to get it flowing in front of a live audience. The workshop will cover how to make and attach blood packs, employ vinyl tubing, sprayers, sponges & squeeze bulbs as well as making edible entrails and sinew. The workshop will also provide advice on how to block and disguise the tricks for maximum impact on stage while keeping your audience safely out of the splatter zone.


JerFay: Prop Fabrication

4:15pm-5:30pm, Uptown Underground Starlight Lounge

Do you have a costume that you want to create, but you aren’t quite sure how this one part would work?
Do you have a prop you need for a show but you don’t even know how to begin replicating something like that?
JerFay is a bearded nightlife performer who has worked in the performing arts for the past 15 years, specializing in costuming and stage management. They use these skills as a drag queen creating looks out of unusual materials to fill specific needs. Some of their stage creations include a spinning headpiece for a Mayor Of Halloweentown costume, a large scorpion tail for a queen hosting a Zodiac themed party, and a rendition of the reverse beartrap mask from Saw. All of these are things that JerFay saw (or was commissioned) and decided to make it happen one way or another. This workshop aims to help a group of people learn some creative ways to use materials that maybe they hadn’t thought of before. Let JerFay answer questions and show you some tips, tricks, and tools they've used with fabric or unconventional materials to create props, cosplay, costumes, etc.
Come in with ideas, leave with action plans! 


P NoNoire: Basic Acrobatics for the Stage

2:30pm-3:30pm, Joel Hall 

Learn some new skills to dazzle your audience! In this workshop, Chicago Powerhouse P NoNoire will be drawing on his extensive experience as a singer, acrobat, cheerleader, dancer, and choreographer to teach a variety of drills to increase body awareness as an introduction to acrobatics, ground work to give levels to your performances, and tumbling skills designed to be used on the stage. All levels of experience welcome.

Gaea Lady: Creating Intentional Performance

1pm-2pm, Joel Hall 

Intentional performance blends ritual and spectacle for the pleasure of the viewer and the artist both. Coming from a deep place of clear intention, the artist opens to receive and cultivate inspiration to enrich the performative and to transform the mundane into the sacred.
This intention creates greater artistic expression, a deep sense of connectivity between dancer/artist and audience, urgent inspiration, and deep levels of non-verbal communication. This communication spans space, time, and lives to unite humans into a collective understanding through the performance : connection.
This connection fosters artistic expression and investigation and furthers insight.
In transformation through costuming & adornment, collaboration betwixt artforms (music, lighting, space, decor, dance, movement, food, drink, and more) a greater artistic expression can be orchestrated - especially when all are creating from an intentional place of love and inspiration.
Through discussion, movement & meditation, and activity, we will investigate what "intentional performance means in concept and reality for each individual. Students will leave with a deeper understanding of how to create intention in their performances and everyday lives.

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